• Developments in drilling methods and technology are leading to efficiency gains for oil and gas operators. Recent operational techniques (pad drilling) allow rig operations to drill groups of wells more efficiently because of the improved time for rigs to move from one well location to the next, while reducing the overall surface footprint. Drilling contractors can drill multiple wells in a shorter time than they might, otherwise, with just one well per site.


  • Surface drilling is a critical component of the pad drilling process. Wellbore integrity begins surface drilling providers. In order to reduce cycle time, today many drilling programs in key U.S. shale basin include spudder rigs. In fact, in 2010, less than 5% of Bakken operators used spudder rigs to reduce their cycle times and improve their cash flows. Today, 40% of all Bakken operators use spudder rigs as a way to improve efficiencies and strengthen their cash positions.


  • Our value proposition comes from developing strategic partnerships with our customers. Our goal is to reduce our customers’ operating costs by increasing operational efficiencies through end-to-end bundled and integrated services.


Conductor Rigs

  • State of the art conductor drilling rigs (bucket rigs) with experienced rig operators eager to increase your operational efficiencies.
  • Our seasoned personnel with extended experience in drilling conductor, rat and mouse holes and other requirements are recognized by customers as strategic operational partners.
  • Our reliable equipment and flexible scheduling provides added value to our customers’ operations.