“Our success is and will always be a consequence of our safety culture.” – Danny Jimenez, CEO


Health Safety & Environment Policy

Founded on a culture that holds people and the environment in the highest regard, Craig Energy is committed to providing a safe work place for our employees, the public, and the environment.

As policy, Craig Energy expects our employees and contractors to follow the simple principle of doing the right thing: working as individuals and teams to protect ourselves and one another at all times.

It is expected that all involved follow rules, regulations, and practice sound judgment while performing any work related tasks.

By hiring and training competent personnel, Craig Energy strives to maintain practices that meet or exceed recognized industry and regulatory standards.

Craig Energy employees have the direct responsibility for ensuring these objectives are met through active participation and support of these standards.

All employees are empowered to be safety leaders, to STOP work and correct unsafe acts and conditions prior to incidents or injuries occurring, and to report such occurrences without reprisal.

Normally, this is accomplished by: exercising sound judgment, maintaining a high level of safety awareness, applying knowledge, understanding the scope of task, the hazards involved, and following safe work practices.

Employees are never to sacrifice the safety or wellbeing of personnel for convenience or for any other reason while at a Craig Energy work site.

All involved with Craig Energy are encouraged to offer their suggestions as to how we can improve safety.

With cooperation and commitment to safety, we will achieve our Company goal of protecting our fellow workers, the public, and the environment.

Danny Jimenez
Chief Executive Officer

Rev Jan 2015